New Secret Flavors Trio

Free Javy with purchase of our new secret flavors trio!

Trio Kit: 1x Hazelnut Mocha, 1x White Chocolate Mocha + 1x Caramel Brulee

  • Perfect cold brew in 3 seconds
  • Makes any style of coffee you want (hot or iced)
  • Save 40%

Coffee Has Never Been This Convenient

The future of coffee is better tasting, hassle-free, and ready to make - anywhere and anytime.

The Before

Gross coffee, messy coffee pods, and expensive costs.

  • Bland, Bitter, or Acidic
  • Limited Coffee Selection
  • 1-2 Hour Iced Coffee

The After

Easy, affordable, and extremely tasty coffee!

  • Delicious Silky Smooth Flavor
  • Endless Styles of Coffee
  • Iced Coffee in Under 10 Seconds

Craft The Most Delicious Coffee...

Making delicious coffee at home or on-the-go has only become more of a hassle. Javy reinvented the coffee experience to be easy, affordable, and extremely tasty!

Step 1

Fill your mug with milk or water.

We suggest Oatmilk.

Step 2

Drop 1-2 tsp of Javy into the water or milk.

1-2 tsp's for 6oz, 1 tbsp for 8oz

Step 3

Add your favorite creamer, flavoring or topping.


The Coffee Experience Reimagined

Incredible tasting coffee is now at your finger tips with unlimited possibilities.


Quick and Easy

By dropping 1-2 teaspoons of Javy into water or milk you're just seconds away from drinking delicious coffee anyway you like it.


Shake Up Your Day

Javy's purpose is to optimize your day and that includes fueling your health goals while saving you time an money.


No Limits

If you want a hot black coffee one day or a sweet, creamy, iced coffee the next day, you can have it anyway you like it in literally seconds.

Be creative, be simple, take it on the go, or make it right at home, have it how you want it when you want it!


Thousands of Raving Fans

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Dixie D.

Cannot say anything but how great the customer service is for Javy Coffee!! I ordered wrong they responded quickly,refunded me and corrected the order. Looking forward to receiving my Javy Coffee.

Posted on
Mitzie S.

I absolutely LOVE this coffee. Convenience and taste is amazing! I'm not going back to any store, I'm definitely ordering from Javy from now on!

Posted on
Shea S.

I honestly don't have the words to tell you how much I love Javy! I ordered it spur of the moment and honestly, I kinda forgot about it.... Until it showed up at the door and into my bellyyyyyyy. It's absolutely delicious. Drink up, pup. Only if you're worthy.

Posted on
Christa F.

I love Javy. The taste is great and it saves me a ton of money not buying my coffee everyday. It is so easy to make delicious iced coffee and takes less than 2 minutes in the mornings.

Posted on
Niece G.

Great taste!!! Easy to make. Quick shipping. I actually had a shipping issue with the post office. I emailed support and it was taken care of.

Posted on
Sarah P.

This became our family bonding every morning, with Javy Coffee it always sets our mood with high energy that you can keep all day specially if you have a lot of errands.

Posted on

Our high-grown 100% Arabica Coffee beans are meticulously roasted, crushed, and infused with the purest water.

Extraction Process

The extraction process is not only fundamental to retaining an extremely high flavor profile but it also eliminates any coffee grounds or sediment from ending up in the concentrate, unlike other concentrates on the market.

Unlike traditional coffee grounds, our liquid concentrate process goes through rigorous QA to ensure its above standard healthy and safety regulations.

Quality, Consistency and Value

Most of what we do is geared towards the quality of the coffee, consistency and value.  As such, this means that the farmers who supply our coffee are hitting all the main points to make the products we have outstanding.

Crafted Sustainably

Our coffee is sourced from Central America and Colombia. 100% Arabica bean, estate grown in high elevation specialty coffee grade.

Our magic combination of thermal blends allows us to roast the beans to concentrated perfection while retaining flavor all without burning them.

Javy supports farmers who focus on producing quality and value. Javy has created a sustainable coffee supply chain that delivers premium solutions to everyone from crop to cup.

serving size, 1 tsp
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% daily value*
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protein 0g

The Coffee That You Crave Is A Pour Away...

Whether you like to make your coffees fun and creative, or plain and simple, you can have it your way.


Frequently Asked

You got questions. We got answers.

What Is A Coffee Concentrate?

Coffee concentrate is exactly what it sounds like concentrated coffee. Javy turns coffee beans into ground and then puts it through a slow extraction process using cold water.

What Is Javy's 30x Coffee Concentrate?

Javy is a specialty, highly concentrated coffee, that packs all the flavor of artisan roasted beans into a nifty little bottle. So now you can make any style of coffee you want with ease.

What Is The Concept Behind Javy?

Our goal is to provide you a convenient, quick and easy alternative to bulky coffee brewing equipment, messy leftover grounds, and gross instant coffees. With Javy there’s no need for long prep and brewing time anymore. Simply pour in a drop or two of our tasty concentrate, and you’re good-to-go!

What Is Javy Made Up Of?

Javy is made up of 100% natural arabica beans and the purest water.

Subscriptions Questions

Our Javy Club Subscription not only ensures you do not run out but also helps you save money. The subscription is very flexible and can be modified, skipped or canceled depending on your needs.

All you need to do is email in at support@jaycoffee.com and one of our support representatives will be able to assist you in a timely manner.

We request you to contact us at least 3 days before the date of your next charge.

If your subscription order has been placed and fulfilled, we are no longer able to cancel, refund or modify the order.

If you choose to not keep the product you can request a self-paid return label. Once the order is received back at our warehouse it will be processed by our Returns Department. This process can take up to two business days.

Once your order is processed, you will be refunded the subtotal of your order. Please note, your original shipping charge will not be refunded.

Do You Sell At Stores?

No, Javy is not sold at stores.

How Environmentally Friendly Are You?

All of our coffee beans are sourced from small reliable farmers to maintain a consistent flavor profile. It’s estimated that 2.5 billion single-use coffee cups are discarded globally every year. Our bottles are made of a premium glass material so that we can play our role in reducing coffee waste! It is also a focus of ours to compost all of our coffee grounds.

How Many Cups Does 1 Bottle Make?

You can make up to 30 standard 6oz cups with 1 bottle of Javy.

What Is The Size Of The Bottle?

It is a 7.5oz/221.80ml bottle

What Is The Caffeine Content In A Serving?

1 serving (1 tsp) has the same amount of caffeine as a typical cup of coffee which is 60mg.

What Is The Shelf Life Of A Bottle?

An unopened bottle is good to be used within 6 months. Once opened refrigerate and its best used within 4-6 weeks.